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We at Sanecole Technologies Pvt Ltd giving at most priority to training our students. To avoid any damage to Sanecole Technologies name and to avoid inconvenience to Sanecole Technologies students, we compile training policies which are given in the below training policies section. All the students have to obey the training and placement policies, in case of any policy violations, we will consider that as serious damage to Sanecole Technologies and the student may not be allowed to take part in the further training or student will be disqualified for few placements.

Training and Placement Policies
  • Students misbehave with Sanecole Technologies co-students (or) with Sanecole Technologies Staff or with Management, the students will be disqualified for all further training.
  • Any Fee paid by the Students will not be refunded back.
  • If students cause any damage to properties of Sanecole Technologies the students will be disqualified for all further training. Any fee paid by the students will not be refunded back and a fine will be taken on behalf of the damage.
  • High priority in placements will be given for the students who attended class regularly and do assignments properly.
  • Students are not allowed to insert any data transferring devices like pen drive in the Lab Systems.
  • Students are not allowed to copy training videos in any way. Legal actions will be taken in such cases.
  • The copyright in and all other intellectual property rights are relating to the course documentation provided to student are solely owned by and hereby reserved to Sanecole Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  • Under no circumstances may the whole or any part of the course documentation be produced or copied in any form or by any means or translated into another language without the prior written permission of Sanecole Technologies.
  • Sanecole Technologies Pvt Ltd does not take any guarantee of your placement or selection against any vacancy as selection totally depends upon the skills of job seekers.